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Wireless Sound Control AC Power Switch - 41AC1

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Item Number: 41AC1

ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         On/off power supply is activated by a Sound control

ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Operates from up to 50 ft from the base

ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Plug into any standard power outlet

ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷          control switch idea to operates Christmas tree lights, TVs, stereos, and other small appliances


Control your lights and appliances all around your house without leaving your sofa! Just plug the Wireless control switch base into any nearby outlet, and youll have total wireless control of any device connected to the wireless control switch. The system uses radio frequency signals instead fo infrared, so you wont have to be in direct line for sight for proper operation. As long as the remote is within 50 feet of the plug-in base, it will work like a charm!