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Air Pillow 4x8 1000ft

MSRP: $100.00
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Item Number: Air Pillow 4x8 1000ft

Industrial air pillows are suitable for all packing, bracing, and void fill applications.
Durable enough to stand on without breaking (22 LBS load), they have a clean
attractive appearance and are eco-friendly. They are professionally sealed and
have a unique ability to withstand unexpected conditions and stretch instead of
popping at the seal like most air pillows making them very reliable.

Color: Clear
Load-bearing: 10Kgs/Pc
Material: Polyolefin Double-layer Co-Extrusion
Single layer thickness: 0.002mm
Each Cushion Size: 20cm x 10cm/ 8" x 4" or 20cm x 20cm/ 8" x 8"

? Durable blended eco-friendly high-density/low-density polyolefin.
? Light cushioning material available, perforated for easy use.
? Upscale, attractive appearance. Use for Blocking, Bracing and Void Fill

This product will fit into most AIR machines, please check compatibility before buying.
The roll will be 1000ft long and will make about 3000 4x8 bags or 1500 8x8 bags, please choose the size you need.

Package Included:
1Roll x 1000ft Air Pillow Packaging Bag Roll (Machines are NOT included)